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The Snow Show

This most ethereal art exhibition found its inspiration from the Scandinavians' perception of snow, which they behold as an opportunity for joy and celebration rather than as an inconvenience or an obstacle to bear. With our Winter season nearing its end, perhaps this book might serve as a last minute catalyst for your own Winter wonderment and creativity?

Conceived in 2000 by curator Lance Fung, "The Snow Show" explores the fusion of art and architecture through the medium of snow and ice. Pairing an artist with an architect in 17 teams of twos, each team was then instructed to deliver a 'balanced collaboration', not only between the two members, but between the two separate disciplines each represented.

This smallish book contains every extraordinary piece from the three month exhibition, along with a large rear section covering the plans and deliberations from each of the 17 participating teams.

Participants: artist / architect

Carsten Höller / Williams & Tsien
Osmo Rauhala / Asymptote
Eva Rothschild / Anamorphosis
Rahcel Whiteread / Juhani Pallasmaa
Rober Barry / Hollmén-Reuter-Sandman
Rop Changtrakul / Lotek
Ernesto Neto / Ocean North
Lawrence Weiner / Enrique Norten
Cai Geo-Qiang / Zaha Hadid
Jene Highstein / Steven Holl
Tatsuo Miyajima / Tadao Ando
Yoko Ono / Arata Isozaki
Do-Ho Suh / Morphosis
Lothar Hempel / Studio Granda
Anish Kapoor / Future Systems
John Roloff / Diller + Scofidio
Kiki Smith / Lebbeus Woods

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Anish Kapoor /
Future Systems


Do-ho Suh /


Tatsuo Miyajima /
Tadao Ando


Methods + Process