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Architecture's Other Environments

I suspect even the most Winter-devoted of us have grown somewhat impatient with its dispiriting sky, frustrated with the appearance of an occasional sunny day, only to be betrayed once again by the return of the now all too familiar series of rainy days. Perhaps this architectural volume with its hopeful sentiment may bring you some cheer?...

1. Dankness 2. Smoke 3. Gas 4. Exhaust 5. Dust 6. Puddles 7. Mud 8. Debris 9. Weeds 10. Insects 11. Pigeons 12. Crowds.

Delivered in absorbing beautifully-illustrated briefs, Subnature explores the above twelve fearsome elements within our cityscapes most often ignored by architects and city developers. Culling material both historical and more recent, author David Gissen modestly—yet convincingly—suggests that, by incorporating these elements within architectural development, an additional layer of beauty could be enjoyed as well as enrich the city life.

While this volume is intended for architectural students and practising architects, I might suggest that anyone interested in the visuals arts, sciences, and technology may find the sample projects equally compelling, perhaps even provide the seeds for thoughts and future projects?

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