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Acne Paper
The Studio Issue

This intriguing cover featuring an unvarnished Leigh Bowery captured my attention months ago. Alas, its prohibitive online shipping rate forbade my curiosity's satisfaction, till I finally came upon it recently at a local newsagent. Perhaps you might enjoy scrutinising its interior as well? ...

Based in a tiny studio in London's East End, the staff of the oversized 'Acne Paper' magazine frames each twice-yearly issue upon a single timeless theme. Pooling subjects within the creative fields from the past and present, irrespective of age, status or means, each theme is then earnestly and enthusiastically explored.

Within this impeccably designed 'The Studio Issue', the purpose of the creative studio, its physicality, and in fact the very definition of the word 'studio' is thoroughly and beautifully dissected. Assisted by stunning black + white and colour photographs, the countless artists featured within this issue is too prohibitive to list in full. Perhaps the following hyperlink will do just as well?

—Acne Paper Online.


Deborah Turbeville


Raphaéle Billé


Royal Academy
of Arts, 1964.


David Hockney.


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