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Born in the U.K., currently based in San Francisco, U.S., Earth, I’m a tiny freelance designer / art director working in the print and interactive design mediums. I welcome you to peruse my Work and Play areas: the former for how I conscientiously make ends meet, the latter for the doodads I do with a portion of my leisure hours.

As for my Unfurl area: I'm very much looking forward to sharing the interior pages of the books and print publications I admire in the fields of architecture, design, science, art, and photography. There'll be other articles as well, here and there, of this and that, which I hope you'll find to be of interest?

Right then; I hope you'll enjoy your visit.
Oh, and if you wish to send me a note, I'd very much welcome it—particularly if you happen upon a dreadful typo. At any rate:
thank you for having popped by!

P.S. Please continue to support print?

This site was designed in its entirety while listening to Sigur Rós.